Vijayshree Electronics (India)

Quality Assurance

Work Culture
Vijay Shree Electronics Team Comprises of experienced technical staff . They strive to meet Company goals and customer satisfaction. The management of Vijay Shree Electronics provides a healthy and transparent environment where every employee is encouraged to provide best products and services

Quality Assurance System
Management System
The Quality Management System of the organization is based upon Quality Procedures as laid out in accordance to Company Quality Manual.

Incoming Inspections
All activities start from Raw Materials with the selection of Vendors, Sourcing, and Incoming Inspections with Acceptable Levels of quality. Only the accepted material enters the warehouse after a systematic Incoming Inspection Procedure.

In process Inspections
The entire Process is Kept under control from procurement to dispatch to Customer by Routine and Patrol Inspections which ensures that the Products conforms to Specifications at each stage of Manufacture

Final Inspections
Every Capacitor is subjected to all requirements with a dedicated 100% Routine Tests on all Capacitors at final Inspection and all outgoing inspection is carried out as per Inspection Standard Sampling Plan with most stringent Acceptable Quality Levels which eliminates any failure.

All Capacitors are subjected to Qualification Approval Tests in accordance to the relevant standards in order to ensure reliability. The Environmental and Endurance testing is carried out periodically at the In-house Reliability Test Laboratory which is updated.

Quality Policy
We at Vijay Shree Electronics (India) are Committed to :
  • Strive toward 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Provide service with integrity and dignity.
  • Supply highest quality products ensuring on-time delivery to the entire satisfaction of our customers.
  • Continual efforts to make cost-effective quality products.
  • Continuous improvement in manufacturing process by implementing quality management systems.
  • Achieve quality by in-built system rather than by inspection.

Quality Objectives
  • Continuous improvement in productivity.
  • Continuous reduction in in-process rejection and reworks.
  • Adopt effective preventive maintenance system in machinery and tools for reduction in breakdown hours and consistency in quality.